First, let's get this out in the open - Journey Church is NOT going to offer you that typical church experience (stand up, sing, sit down, give money, hear the preacher, stand up, shake hands, hug a baby, give more money, head to car with family, go home).

Journey is very 'unpredictable' when it comes to our services because we serve a very 'unpredictable' God (and that's what will impress most people about us - we don't believe God wants us to do a lot of the same stuff over and over and over again every week) and we put a lot of prayer into what He wants us to do when it comes to church and we do it, simple as that. While some tradition is good, a lot of it can bring stagnation and put us into a routine that can make on very 'religious' and 'churchy' and that's a big "OH NO YOU DIDN'T!" ...we think outside of the box with our style while at the same time NOT compromising our beliefs or our standards in God, His Word (or with how we do church).

The concept of Journey Church began with God tapping our Pastor on the shoulder and really moving on him to start a church that reaches EVERYONE. A church that can't be labeled...a church that cannot be described - only experienced. One of the biggest turnoffs to anyone when it comes to church is that there seems to be a lot of 'judgement-al-ism' (is that a word?) spread around to anyone who doesn't pray 25 hours in a day, read the entire bible in 2 weeks, and live holier than Jesus (is that really possible?). Journey Church strives to be exactly the opposite - we exist to accept anyone with any problems without worrying about someone passing judgment on you. We know life is tough MOST OF THE TIME and that's why we want to be there for you. Heck, that's why we called ourselves 'Journey Church' - to meet you right where you are in your journey of life - good or bad.