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Find a home
posted by: Brandy on 12/20/2016

My family an i got wrongly evicted in October our kids are staying with a friend until we can find a home for all of us we have been separated from them for 2 months an dont get to see them alot. please pray for us to find a home an bring our babies back home to us!
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high blood pressure
posted by: connie on 10/14/2016

Friend Ashley high blood pressure at 30 weeks pregnant baby may come early pray they get it down and baby waits til term
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posted by: Doreen on 10/14/2016

Man God is so faithful. The suegery went well. It started at 735 iwas being discharged by 915,i was truly amazed. So home resting the children are taking care of me. Praise the Lord.
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posted by: Pat H on 10/11/2016

Please pray and agree with me to be healed of high blood pressure and for my kidney’s to be healed. The doctors say I have stage 4 kidney disease, the worst case of eczema and pre-diabetes. Please pray for my whole body to be healed. Now my marriage after 30 yrs. needs prayer. I look just awful with all of the scars and spots on me, after being gainfully employed for 35yrs now I can’t work and finances are low.
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Urgent request
posted by: Bethany Nothaker on 10/1/2016

This is a request from my Mom's brother, please... Really hate to bother, but I've got a serious prayer request that I ask for you to submit to your church. Uncle John's daughter-in-law, Rebekah Neal... Nathaniel's wife, is not doing well at all. The doctors can not find what is going on with her brain. They've run every test on her brain and they're starting all over again to check again for ms, cancer, other anti bodies that may be in play. She's lost bowel and bladder control and has tremors all the time. She's in the hospital in the neurology wing in a room reserved for people in a vegetative state. The doctors have no idea what is going on. But praise God, He knows. Asking for prayer for insight for docs, for healing. Thank you for your prayers.
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Prayers for surgery
posted by: Crystal weber on 9/27/2016

Please keep my grandma in your thoughts as she is having her right total knee replacement on Thursday. She is 86 and doing well! We are hoping the recovery will go as planed.
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posted by: Tina price on 9/22/2016

Please pray for me I'm in the hospital at progress west was severe a domino pain and severe headache came in on Tuesday so please pray for me
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Don Lowery my Father in Law
posted by: Cynthia D. Lowery on 9/12/2016

Asking for prayer for the family of Don & Jean Lowery and their daughter Connie Dunkin of Malvern Arkansas. Don has been battling cancer for several years now. Tomorrow he starts into Hospice. Prayers for total healing and NO PAIN..Thank you in advance for your prayers. Davis Rd.
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posted by: ROSEMARIE RUGGERI on 9/5/2016

Even tho my finances are not good, please help me see that I can not have 2 masters (money and God). Help me realize that as long as I have God that he will help me through my hard time and provide me with what I need. Please pray for me to understand this. I keep asking for financial freedom and I believe I am asking for the wrong thing. I am tired of the struggle.
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Prayers for health issues
posted by: Nancy on 8/30/2016

I am asking for prayers in relation to my health. I am beginning to have more frequent issues with my heart over the last few months. Haven't had many problems, until recently, since my hospitalization in 2014.
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