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Church direction and Job
posted by: David and Carrie on 6/18/2017

Praying for God to provide a job that surpasses our thinking, and a church home
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Prayer request
posted by: Jamal Cheatham on 6/7/2017

Pray for my mind because Satan is fighting me in my mind. Pray that God will free me in my mind and thought thinking. Pray that I can get full custody of my daughter, Jamal.
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Prayers for my friends
posted by: Laurie Pail on 6/4/2017

My friends Jason and Chris are having A difficult time with relocating. Please just say a Pryer with me that this is resolved quickly. They have a little 2 ur old girl who is very confused since her little room is packed up n everything is now been put on hold. Many tnx n Blessings. Thank you U
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posted by: Tina Wildman on 5/14/2017

On Tuesday 5/16/17 my son Dusty Wildman will be flying out for boot camp as he starts his journey in the United States Air Force I ask for prayer that god watch over and protect him in this path.
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Pray for our church!!!
posted by: Anonymous Member on 5/3/2017

The following is a Prayer by me, an anonymous member of Journey Church who is guilty of non-participation. Please understand, God has put this on my heart to pray and to ask others to pray along with me in this request. Whether you are like me, and God is also convicting your heart to do more, or you're one of the few carrying a good deal of the load for the great crowd, I hope we will all join together in praying this prayer. A prayer request for Journey Church... Father bless our church family. Thank you for the home it provides for your Spirit to dwell. Bless those who give of their time and their talents to make your house one of acceptance and love for ALL, not just some. Please remind us all how important it is to participate in keeping the fire stoked and burning strong at your house Lord. Remind us that when we give of our time that we are not losing anything or being asked to give up anything. The enemy would have us believe we are missing out on something, when in reality we will be given back so much more than we deserve when we give the gift of our time and talents to our brothers and sisters! God, shape our hearts into ones of discipline, hearts pleasing to you so that we may serve in the areas we are able, as you have asked us to. Help us all to step up and be a part of transforming lives, because we know Lord, that the result of our giving, whether in prayer, or time, or talent or, tithe, brings joy to even our own hearts as well as Your own, and to the hearts of those we serve. Only you know what that giving looks like for each of us, and Lord I pray you reveal this to us. Bless our pastor and his family Lord, and sustain them. Their road is long, but their reward is great in Heaven. Thank you for the church leadership, worship team, deacons, and families who give so much. We know you have intended for this church to gather a great harvest from the furthest and most overlooked fields. This is no easy task that they have taken on Lord, but we thank you for all you have given us and your life changing Word that they help to proclaim in your name Jesus Christ our Savior. Let us pray for Godly strength and brotherly support throughout the remainder of this journey, give us the strength to endure and to keep fighting the good fight until the day our King returns! Jesus, convict our hearts to give back. Help us to see that your harvest is so vast and so great that it cannot be completely gathered in time by just a few diligent workers, please remind me and others Lord that the diligent work of ALL can not only relieve the burden on the few, but will also assure no part of your harvest is lost in the field, or left to wither while waiting for the workers to come. God, we know that even in this life the rewards for our giving are great, but the reward in seeing souls saved and lives changed is of immeasurable value! We pray these good deeds to be the highlight of our photo reel as we kneel one day before the King of Kings and account for our choices we made with the life You gave us. Father we pray to live lives that are pleasing to You so that You will look favorably on us and have mercy on us because we loved our brothers and sisters as You loved us. We Believe with all our hearts that our God will hear this prayer and will give all these things we ask in accordance to His will, in Jesus' name, Amen.
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My family
posted by: Dustin on 4/27/2017

Please pray for all in need,but also for my family we are having difficulties with rent and it's causing fights between my wife and myself,we have ,4kids and we just need the Lord's help
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Granddaughter Makala and Mike
posted by: Betty Gavin on 4/19/2017

Makala's husband Mike was air flighted to the hospital to night with burns to his face. Please keep them in your prayers. They live in Georgia.
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Prayer for an employee
posted by: Rose Ruggeri on 4/18/2017

Our Ultrasound tech found out today her little 2 year old, Haley has a mass on her brain. She was due to have tubes placed in her ears Thursday because she was walking with a head tilt which was thought to be from fluid. The ENT doctor wanted to do an MRI today prior to moving forward with the ear tubes and that is when they seen the mass. Please send prayers to the Slagle family. This is there only child and she is a cute a as little bunny. God please bless this family and little Haley.
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posted by: Chris Myers on 3/30/2017

My friends need prayers for healing and restoration. My friend Cory has a partially eroded sternum due to repeated hyperflexion and my friend Chris was just diagnosed with macular edema in his left eye, a side effect of his diabetes.
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posted by: Stacee Lange on 3/22/2017

Please pray for my son. Please
I will pray 24 people are praying.
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