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My grand daughter gracie
posted by: Azalea schrader on 12/5/2017

She was taken to cardinal glennon tonight and they are running test did iv for dehydation
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Heart problems
posted by: Doug Ellis on 11/30/2017

Journey family please pray for grandfather Doug.He was prepping for stress testing prior to knee surgery and now he is in A-fib and they are testing for heart attack. My grandpa has all his life attended only Baptist church,until I brought him to Journey once..and a couple weeks later he was sitting in service when me and the kids arrived. He loved it at JC and it brought him closer to me and my boys ,so please pray he recovers well. Thank you!! -Brandi Dominic Bohdon and Tre Lococo
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Marital prayers
posted by: Jennifer on 11/29/2017

Please pray for my husband & I’s marriage. He wants to get a divorce but I am believing that God has already worked it out. I have been in heavy in prayer & spiritual warfare & my faith is in God. He says that no weapon formed against us shall prosper, therefore no weapon will. My only hope is in Him!
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Father's fall and injuries
posted by: Angie Biles on 11/27/2017

My father, Homer Morris, had a bad fall on Monday, November 20th, fracturing his 2nd,3rd thoracic vertebrae, his left scapula, and he broke 4 ribs. He's been at Mercy-Creve Coeur hospital since then. Please pray for physical and mental healing so he may transition to a rehabilitation hospital and continue on the road to recovery.
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Starting a family
posted by: Kara lang on 11/25/2017

Me and my husband are having iui fertility treatment done next week. I just want to pray that i have peace and that it is successful and i can get pregnant. We really want to start a family. Thanks.
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posted by: Katie wilson on 11/19/2017

Please keep my father rick in your prayers. He has a traumatic brain injury and he has a long road ahead of him. My dad is a strong godly man and I just want him to stay strong physically and in his faith. Also prayers for my mom Denise. She getting weak and tired as this has all been very stressful time for her. Thank you all
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Job Success
posted by: Jonathan Ashbeck on 10/25/2017

I have two part time jobs now and I am so blessed that God gave me those two jobs so please pray so that I may do well on those jobs.
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Need Prayers
posted by: Bethany Dillon on 10/24/2017

I am having a very hard time keeping faith and i need help. My life has turned for the worse after being violently sexually assaulted and physically hurt by a man who i did not know maybe a couple months ago. I am now physically disabled from it, in chronic pain all the time, must wear a brace and cannot walk well without a cane. I lost my job, cannot work, lost my insurance and my passion which was Martial Arts and MMA. I have trained with so many wonderful people who i can never train with again. My friends have all abandoned me and justice is not coming quick enough. My heart is broken and me spirit is crushed. I am suffering from night terrors, depression, panic attacks on top of the pain that keeps me down. I am in debt with hospital bills and the only thing that keeps me going is the thought of being able to help other victims of crime. I am working on being a victims advocate and becoming certified but i am not even sure i can do this. I have tried for internships, looked for jobs but i can't seem to find anyone who will let me help them help others. I need prayers right now as i was struck with another hard disappointment and am having a hard time recovering this one. It feels like doors keep closing but another never opens. I keep thinking God will help me but the light never shines down into my prison and no breeze cools me in my labor. I look for God every day, pray but my heart still feels shattered. Having some dark thoughts and am feeling broken, worthless and alone.
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Death of Mom, Grandna, Great Grandma
posted by: Ruth Dotson on 10/23/2017

The last few weeks I spent time either at the hospital with my Mom or St Agnes Home. She was called home last night. Please pray for peace for our family. Will, Cyndi, Macy and Ruth and Rick
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posted by: on 10/20/2017

For my husband to forgive me for all my mistakes and realize how much our family means to me. For him to know that he is our rock that we stand with and please for him not to leave us we need and love him. Prayer that he can see all i do is for the good of our family. That leaving is not the answer and for God to keep his hand on him and allow true healing to begin and protection for my husband and children everywhere they go surround them with God's favor and protection each day.
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