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Pray for my family's well being and life.
posted by: on 5/10/2015

I am currently losing my home. I have a wife and 3 kids. I pray that we don't go homeless. I'm scared for my family and I. We all have strong faith but we are being tested right now I feel. Plz god all I ask is for my family's well being. Help us lord I'm on my knees.
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Family member ill
posted by: Kris on 5/9/2015

My Aunt Sue and Uncle Bob are visiting Ft Lauderdale. While at the airport, Susan suffered a mild stroke. All family is in St. Louis and unable to be with them at this time. Prayers greatly appreciated.
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Employment/church routine
posted by: Emily on 4/12/2015

That my fiance may find employment soon and that our family get back into church.
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a place to call home
posted by: on 3/18/2015

We have to find a place to live very soon, we are going to have some financial issues. At this point, all I can do is put it in God's hands.
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posted by: on 9/26/2014

pray for a good job soon & good grades in exams
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Pray for a friends family.
posted by: Lascena Berryman on 9/21/2014

Please say a prayer for some friends of mine. They used to be my neighbors several years ago before I got married and right after. I watched their kids grow up. Their daughter, son-in-law and grandson were involved in a head-on accident last night and the grandson Parker who was only 1 died at the scene. I found out that their SIL Corey just passed away within the last hour. Their daughter Destiny has a head injury and I'm not sure what else. My heartbreaks for this family. Corey was only 22 and Destiny is 21. I pray to never know the pain of losing a child but to lose your only child and your husband. I just don't even know what to say. I am praying so hard for this family they have been like family to me in the past and we grew apart but I just can't quit crying. Please just pray for peace and for Destiny to heal if that is Gods will or to peacefully take her home with her husband and son if that's his plan. I'm just I don't know I hurt so bad for them. Thank you for any prayers.
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posted by: on 9/17/2014

thanks for connecting us with prayer ,we need your awesome,victorious prayer for our supplication to Almighty Father God,Our adult son is in need of prayer for his emotional status and to hear about a successful job offer .this week.
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life be all right
posted by: Eero on 9/16/2014

A young woman gave her life to Jesus. She is a drug addict. Prayer requests, that she be free and that her life be all right.
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posted by: on 8/26/2014

My friend/coworkers niece just had brain surgery for a tumor. She is not doing well and has been stroking out. Please pray for healing and Gods will. Also for wisdom for the doctors of what to do.
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Heart Issues
posted by: Randy Henrie on 7/21/2014

I would like to request prayer for Randy Henrie. Last week, on a routine stress echo test, they found that there is more than 50% blockage in one artery in his heart. He has been through this before but had an actual heart attack that time. This problem was caught early and we are so thankful that God brought him to this test! This has prevented damage to the heart muscle. He goes to St. Joseph Hospital in St. Charles on Monday, June 21st for a cardiac catheter. If he needs stents they will be able to do it right then. We feel so blessed to have gotten to this early. He can't play softball or mow the lawn right now and he is aggravated about that but otherwise he feels fine. I will post Monday with the rest of the story. God bless you all, I miss you and love you. Thank you church!
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