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court case
posted by: Sarah on 12/30/2015

I am praying for wisdom, power and favor in an ongoing court case that has been threatening me and my family for years now. I pray that God would show up in a very powerful way for my daughter and I so that all will know it was only by the Lord's strength that we won the case and got exactly what we are asking for. In Jesus'precious name I pray, Amen
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Christmas blues
posted by: on 12/24/2015

Last night I was told to pack all of my belongings from in my home and leave. My relationship had changed..becoming abusive. So leaving good and bad thing. I also have 3 small children that are not fathered by him...and not a single present for them in the morning. Please pray...heavenly father plz watch over me and guide me so that I don't have to continue sitting in my car with all belongings cold and struggeling in the parking lot of this hotel wishing I could go in and have something so my children aren't the only kids in the area disappointed and me not knowing what to say cuz Santa didntcome on xmas.
I will pray 30 people are praying.
posted by: Tina price on 12/20/2015

Please keep me in prayer surgery went well. Just having a lot of pain right now I can't get my bows to work so please keep me in prayer thank you
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posted by: Michael joslyn on 11/29/2015

In need of employment my housing is temporary I need a job bad have been searching no luck yet
I will pray 36 people are praying.
We both need strength right now, its hard to find
posted by: on 11/5/2015

Please pray for my fiances fight against addiction and his journey to sobriety
I will pray 32 people are praying.
Pray for me
posted by: Susie Tucker on 6/11/2015

I am having some personal issues that are causing me a lot of anxiety. Please pray that I can work through them.
I will pray 32 people are praying.
LaProvidence Orphanage
posted by: Ruth on 6/8/2015

I pray the children and employees are safe...that God watches over them...and protects them from harm
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Skin Graph surgery- Recovery- Help *THANK YOU IN ADVANCE
posted by: Vince on 6/4/2015

I look at all these needs in the community, and think of what God has done for us already, and it makes it hard to ask for more. There are so many needy. However, I would like to ask that all who are willing pray to EASE THE PAIN of a burn victim. My son caught on fire this past week. He had skin gragh done, but the pain is tremendous. We have been to Journey Church many times and wanted to post for prayer on the website. It will be a slow recovery, and he needs help. Some people have set up a link to help until he can work again. http://www.gofundme.com/w4q2ms
I will pray 29 people are praying.
posted by: on 5/13/2015

Please pray that our family finds a new place before we get evicted..
I will pray 40 people are praying.
posted by: Anonymous on 5/13/2015

This is an updated prayer request please continue to pray for my husband in his court case against the administrator who has applied to the court for possession of the land. I pray against the forces of the evil that are at work and against any false witnesses and lies in Jesus name as this case continues on the 20th May, 2015.
I will pray 27 people are praying.
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